Tencent Joins in On The Funding Round of Whisper, Totaling $36 M.


Tencent Joins in On The Funding Round of Whisper, Totaling $36 M.

Whisper has recently secured a total of $36 million Series C financial round along with completely revamping their application. Tencent, Thrive Capital, and Shasta Ventures all invested with participation from existing investors of Sequoia capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.


The anonymous secret-sharing application will now allow their users to search for post by categories and location. Unlike other competitors, Whisper does now allow the user to see messages from people within their mobile contact list. Founder and CEO Michael Heyward stated that his application will never contain this feature, Whisper isn’t meant to be tracked backed to its original poster. They’re meant to get things off once chest in a safe, anonymous place.


The newly redesigned application has been in the works for the past four months, and the finalized production is all about making content searchable and personalized for users. When a user creates a post for Whisper, usually a long sentence or two with a Whisper-populated image, Whisper sorts out the text on its backend and automatically creates tags for said content. As soon as the person published on Whisper, the application shows related Whispers related to the chosen tags.

For Instance, if the user posts about getting married, Whisper related to getting married will also pop up on their feed.


Is users want to personalize the application even further, they can click on the location icon in the top right corner of the application and find relevant Whisper written by people who are located near the user.

“It’s a monumental thing we’ve done here,” says CEO Michael Heyward. “We figure out which Whispers are similar to what you’re talking about then and there, in the moment. Then we do some background magic to serve those posts to you. Whispers now connects people who are going through the exact same experience at the same time.”

Whisper contains content about almost everything, from confessions about infidelity to gory scenes depicted by solders to bard students in class.

“We have  every experience, thought or feeling that anyone has ever had,” Heyward says. “What I don’t think we were addressing in previous versions of the app was making all that content easy to surface.”

Whisper has raised a total of $60 million so far and the application has been generating billsion of apps view per month. The latest reported number was 3 billion monthly app views, and Heyward stated that the number is increasing become “much higher.”


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