Tencent and GungHo Topped the Charts for Both iOS and Android Stores.


Tencent and GungHo Topped the Charts for Both iOS and Android Stores.

The first half of this years has proven to be quire lucrative for giant Asian-based published who are focused on the mobile industry, both of those being GungHo and Tencent.


Recently updated statistics acquired by App Annie’s blog have shown that Tencent has dominated the iOS App Store in terms of having the most games downloaded monthly during the passing March. The China-based game publisher was the king of the cards for the month, due to the release of its new top-down shoot-em-up-slash-collectible-card-game Thunder Fighter.

Tencent has also published its match puzzling Tower of Saviors for its WeChat application. The game wasn’t much of an attraction within China, but it became highly popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  All of these main components, along with remaining within the top fice of that list since September 2013, help them withstand their position. On a related note, App Annie’s first quarter market index report has elaborated that growth in the App Store was driven mostly by China.

Closely just behind Electronic Arts, followed by Gameloft, Candy Crush Saga creators King was at fifth place on the iOS March charts, but it placed pretty much better on the Google PLay Top Publisher by Monthy Game Downloads chart. Tencent was nowhere in sight on that category: China really dig Apple iOS


GungHo Online Entertainment, well know as the Puzzle & Dragons publishers, were the top publishers on Google Play through there monthly revenue made from the game. Each of these top games like aforementioned Puzzle & Dragons and Princess Punt Sweets garnered close to US$1 million a day. On the iOS Top Publishers by Monthly Game Revenue front, Supercell dominated March was just its three games: Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Boom Beach.

While this may sound all positive and find for developers deciding over either which publisher camp to side with, or even which region to focus their game development efforts on for maximum profit.

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