Telco Telenor Reveals the Truth Behind the Facebook Thai Outage.


Telco Telenor Reveals the Truth Behind the Facebook Thai Outage.

The Thai government had ordered a blockade upon Facebook during the country’s most military coup, a Thai telecom operator has recently come out and claimed.


Thailand’s new military government, which took over during a coup d’etat during May 22nd, had previously denied any allegation for being responsible for Facebook outage during May 28th, which came right after a massive widespread protesting against the military Junta.

Although as of recently, Telenor, the Norwegian owner of leading Thai telecoms provider dtac, stated that the outage was done under the orders of the Thai government.

“Telenor Group can confirm that on Wednesday 28 May dtac received a notification at 15:00 local time from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand to restrict access to Facebook temporarily,” reads the statement, first issued on the day of the outage.

The statement further expresses their “regret on the consequences that the brief outage many have bring “for the people of Thailand”.


Mass confusion had taken over during the time of this outage, with the permanent secretary of the information technology ministry, Surachai Srisaracam, stated in a report that it was deliberately ordered by the military ” to help us stop the spread of critical messages about the coup.”

What came forth was some flashing backpedalling from the military junta, which went on to claim that ” a slight technical failure” was responsible for the hour and a half long outage of the social media site. Srisaracam later stated in the report of his comments were a “misunderstanding”.

Telenor’s recent statement has send some light upon this outage, but still leaves plenty of unanswered question as to why Facebook, of all things, was blocked during May 28th or why it was restored so rapidly afterwards.

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