TechFaith Launches Their 6th Generation Rugged Smartphone.


TechFaith Launches Their 6th Generation Rugged Smartphone.

China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited today announced it will launch its 6th generation ruggedized smartphone, the “A6″, targeted to the mass market in the fourth quarter of 2014.


TechFaith’s ruggedized A6 has a thickness of 12 mm and is certified with IP68 and MIL-810G standards. It features a 5.0 inch high resolution LCD based on 2nd Generation Gorilla Glass, is equipped with a 13.0 mega pixel rear camera. The A6 operates on a powerful Quad Core CPU and comes with many useful pre-installed outdoor applications.

Mr. Deyou Dong, President and COO of TechFaith, said, “We are excited about the A6 launch. This is a technically strong smartphone with the high added value of being ruggedized. We have found that demand for our ruggedized phones is consistent in any market we enter due to the unique durable design. By leveraging TechFaith’s history of design expertise, we were able to significantly reduce both the weight and thickness of our base model ruggedized offering, while maintaining the quality and durability the phones are known for. The result is what we hope will become a ruggedized phone for the mass market, as the sleeker form factor will make it an ideal option for consumers. Given the differentiated position and potential for the new A6, we are taking an even more aggressive promotion and marketing support strategy. This will include advertising in Mainland China on broadcast TV, in printed magazines, and on various airlines and high speed trains.”


TechFaith is a leading global mobile solutions provider for the global mobile handsets market (previously called the ODP (Original Developed Product) business)). The Company is a leading developer of specialized mobile phones for differentiated market segments, including the rapidly growing smartphone market targeting wireless mobile phone network operators and end users; the Company also serves sports enthusiasts with a tailored line under the Jungle brand and the teen market under licensed brands.

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