TeamLab Studio Has Created A New 3D Video Solution.


TeamLab Studio Has Created A New 3D Video Solution.

The Imaginative team over at the Tokyo-based TeamLab have recently developed an quite amazing video solution that allow people to transform any given location into their very own three-dimensional graphical space over a green screen. What’s quite remarkable about this is that when the camera movies, the digital zone will adjust to the viewing angle in real time.


Named TeamLab Studio, the technology is currently undergoing in its beta phase, but has been put into use at the Cure Studio in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The studio can be utilized by pretty much anyone to create a cosplay video within a digital worlds, and they can even include things such as magic effects to accentuate their movement. One such video sample may be seen watched below. Cure Studio can be used for free, although visitors will need to pay an admission for Haco Stadium Ikebukore where the studio is currently located.

A TeamLab representative couldn’t disclose too much information when it came to regarding the technology behind the real-time synchronized camera movement and visualized space, from what can be understood about the software that allows the user to interface with the camera was developed by TeamLab themselves.


This is just the most recent of virtual works from the highly infamous TeamLab, which have also become responsible for the ingenious projects , such as the interactive TV game that has been played by over a million people in real-time during the previous year, or the two-ton, 4D animated Tree that was displayed in Fukuoka during the Christmas time.


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