Taste of Thailand Food Tours Launches Culinary Experiences in Bangkok.


Taste of Thailand Food Tours Launches Culinary Experiences in Bangkok.

Taste of Thailand Food Tours, Bangkok’s leading food tour operator launches a unique experience for tourists all ‘templed out’ in the nation’s capital. At a price point less than the cost of trying separate, full-sized portions, the company’s new “Bites and Sites in the Village of Love” food tour allows intimate groups of participants to sample an array of local foods and beverages at select tasting locations within 3.5 hours.


With approximately 30% of tourist expenditures going towards food, food tours are quickly emerging from a niche market into a major tourism area. Such tours leverage the skills of a local ‘food sherpa’ to guide individuals to multiple locations and taste a variety of unique foods to learn the stories behind them. According to the World Food Travel Association, the culinary tourism market already generates over $150 billion annually worldwide and specific countries like the United States have already seen a 300% increase in food tours since 2008.

Asia is equally experiencing an influx in food-seeking tourists according to Jacob Holder, co-Founder of Taste of Thailand Food Tours. Since the company’s inception in January 2014, Taste of Thailand Food Tours has quickly emerged as the city’s fastest growing food tour experience.


With over 15 million arrivals in 2013, Bangkok edges out others as the most visited city in the world. This translates into a massive opportunity for Taste of Thailand Food Tours to offer visitors interesting experiences designed around the city’s exotic, unique and historic foods.

“With food becoming the new ‘black’ in mass media, television personalities and social media are inciting explorers to find their next thrill through food. In a country synonymous with it’s globally recognized cuisine, Bangkok is poised more than any other city in the world to leverage the ‘fruits of its labour’,” says Holder. “The city is a mecca for new and exciting culinary treasures and we are fortunate to have discovered some of the its delicious hidden gems to share with intimate groups of travellers.”

It was partly a stark realization upon arrival to Bangkok that Holder had a lot to learn about authentic Thai cuisine that led to the development of the company’s food tour portfolio in an effort to provide educational and entertaining experiences for equally curious food-loving travelers.

However, its not just for visitors adds Taste of Thailand Food Tours co-Founder, Jittima Lapwisutthisaroj. “Thais and native Bangkokians, like myself, also love learning about the history of our food and people. There are few things as emotional as eating your way through a culture. We provide an intimate window to Thai culture, history and people with each bite that is enjoyable for all participants, regardless of their background.”

Taste of Thailand offers daily walking food tours in Bangkok each week. More information can be found athttp://www.tasteofthailandfoodtours.org or by contacting info(at)tasteofthailandfoodtours(dot)org.

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