Take A Trip to North Korea With The Help of The North Korea Travel App.


Take A Trip to North Korea With The Help of The North Korea Travel App.

Tourism isn’t really something that comes exactly what would normally would come to mind when people think about North Korea. The country is widely associated with large amounts of negative media coverage due towards its leadership and the struggles its people face every day.


Although, the Democratic People’s Republic do have a growing tourism industry for any of those who are interested in traveling, and has recently released a new application for the Android and iOS, which might make it one of the most comprehensive guide yet.

The North Korea Travel boast to show “just how much North Korea is open towards foreigners.” This information also includes photos of over 350 destination, and also clues the user in on where they are not allowed to go. It also contains a section on the history, culture, travel etiquette, and phrasebook as well. Due to the limited amount of wireless connectivity within the DPRK, content will be pre-downloaded for offline usage. This application even includes a price comparison functions so they can find the best available deals from travel agencies to plan a tour on a budget. At the current moment, it only comes in English.

This doesn’t seem to be some elaborate propaganda piece by the Hermit Kingdom’s,  as far as any can tell anyways. The guides were personally by a British man with “over ten years of experience working in North Korea.” Map information has been compiled by Curtis Melvin, a North Korea expert who manages a databases about the country’s most extensive Google Earth imagery.

The North Korea Travel was developed by Magora Systems and UniquelyTravel. The last one had also planned to make an similar application for places like Iran, Libya, and Burma.


While this application has certainly made North Korea seem more accessible through tourism, some questions the ethics of supporting the DPRK with tourism dollars due to its combative regime and long list of human rights issues. Others have argued that the large amounts of foreigners, while limited, have caused a positive influence.

The North Korea Travel application is currently available on the App Store and Google play for a total of $0.99.

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