Taiwan’s Far EasTone Launches A Free Retailer Coupon App


Taiwan’s Far EasTone Launches A Free Retailer Coupon App

Far Eastone is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Taiwan. Last year, the company acquired Hiiiir, a mobile development startup, to increase the strength of their mobile force. A few days ago, Far EasTone announced that they are officially launching a coupon mobile app.


The service is called Qbon and it allows you to receive up to date coupons directly on your smartphone. You can view the coupons in the app or you can wait for a notification to remind you that there are new coupons for stores around you. This could be a better service for merchants compared to Groupon because Far Eastone only charges you roughly 10 cents per coupon redeemed, whereas Groupon would charge 50% of your overall earnings.

Another strong benefit for retailers that use Qbon’s service is that they will receive data regarding the people who are using their coupons. For example a retailer might want to know what’s the average age of people who are purchasing their products or their gender etc. The retailers can also get data on the location of the person using the coupon.

The Qbon service is currently available in about 5000 stores in Taiwan. One of the executives mentioned that they will be aiming for about 10,000-15,000 stores by the end of this year. They will also be looking to put up flash deals as well. Far Eastone also have plans for strengthening their ecommerce platform.

Ecommerce have been rising in every country and Taiwan is no exception.  Taiwan’s e-commerce market is expected to be worth NT$879.6 billion (US$29 billion) in 2014, up from NT$767.3 billion (US$25.4 billion) in 2013, and the figure is expected to exceed NT$1 trillion (US$33 billion) next year, according to estimates by Taiwan’s state-funded Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute.


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