TackThis!, The Social Commerce Solution That Helps Retailers launch Online.


TackThis!, The Social Commerce Solution That Helps Retailers launch Online.

During 2012, Indonesian jewelry business ORORI terminated every single one of its physical stores in order to go completely online. It’s currently generating eve more revenue with its e-commerce than its previously did when it ran its operation offline and online.


These kind of business tales are that much uncommon to hear. They tend to provide a drive for business like TackThis!, Social commerce solution created by a Singapore based company named PayWhere, to establish. The solution facilitates selling across the Internet, social media and mobile platforms for small and medium retailers, and provides sales conversion tools and analytics.

While going online for offline oriented retailers can seem to be simply and easy to do, just purchasing a domain name, finding a theme for their website layout, uploading some photographs of products and integrating a payment gateway, the challenge comes when these business owners need to allure and retain customers.

In a similar fashion to the methods that would be used to promote a brick-and-mortar store through various channels like display advertising or printing publications, these retailers will now be able to compete against millions of other web stores on the internet. The rewards are quite fantastic, anyone from the internet can become a customer.Although, this does come with quite a expensive price tag. The real questions that should be asked is,” Am I making the correct move?” After all, online marketing  is new area to dominate.

Analytics seems to be the correct move to make in this place. Within the analytics features, users will be able to browse for behavior, referrals, promotion and spending patters, among other kinds of information.


One particular customer of TackThis!, Herbal Sense, a retailer of herbal teas, spices, organic essentials oils and healthy foods, pointed out that by gaining a better understanding on the way that customers behave, they are also better equipped to adjust towards strategies accordingly.

The owner of Herbal Sense, Grace Lee, stated, “TackThis! helped us organize our inventory in an efficient way, which has streamlined (our) operations and enhanced sales.”

As the e-commerce trends continues to pick up within Asian regions, and continues to receive a greater boost in Singapore, its will most likely be that we shall witness an influx of solutions like TackThis! and its counterparts in other parts of the world as well.

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