Taamkru Secures US$620K in Financial Funding led by 500 Startups.


Taamkru Secures US$620K in Financial Funding led by 500 Startups.

Thailand-based e-learning startup Taamkru, has recently announced that it has manage to successfully secure over US$620,000 in financial funding, which was led by 500 Startups. This included participants from M&S Partners, IMJ Investment Partner, Ookbee, and Red Dot Ventures.


nitially launched during 2013, Taamkru is very well known for its eponymous website and smartphone application that allows kindergarten children to learn, while parents monitor their learning progress against peers from different countries. It’s currently available for both the iOS and Android devices.

At the current moment, there are a total of 120,000 users on Taamkru. Quite a handful of those can be attributed to Thailand , its biggest market. Although, expansion efforts towards other countries in the regions and beyond have come to play. The company is actively search for partner content providers, publisher or distributors.

Wicharn Manawanitjarern, CEO and Co-founder, Taamkru said, “Asian parents are very competitive and are willing to spend if the product or service caters directly to their needs of building strong foundations for their children academically.”

“Asian parents always look up to Singapore education system, and being able to let their children practice with Singapore content and compare scores with Singaporean kids is just their dream come true,” he noted.

Manawanitjaren further elaborated that the firm is currently profitable with most of its earning originating from product-placement advertising and banner advertisements. Taamkru also allows in-app purchases, which can include real-time performances tracking reports.


Investors participating during this round also proven to be valuable strategically and financially. For instance, Taamkre could possible march towards Southeast Asia with a partner like Thailand’s e-book store Ookbee, which currently holds a presence in the Philippines Vietnam and Malaysia.

The firm is also took this opportunity on announces its season-three Taamkru Kindergarten Application Test (TKAT). As of this time. This tri-annual Thailand-based offline competition has attracted over more than 20,000 preschoolers. While winners will gain trophies awarded by His Royal Highness Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti of Thailand, the school of the winning child shall also gain an honour plaque from the Thai Ministry of Education.

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