Swedish Dating App Rapidly Growing in the Philippines.


Swedish Dating App Rapidly Growing in the Philippines.

Date For Date went live on 2013 and has had a steady growth in Scandinavia and in the US. It has now started to take hold in Southeast Asian Markets. In Manila area alone, over 1600 people (80% females) have downloaded the app during the last week. Other Metropolitan areas also observe steady growth like in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. The team behind the app is now working on enhanced version that will be launched during autumn.

“We see South-east Asia as the most promising geographical area in the world regarding growth in the match-making sector,” says Jonas Lindblom, the online marketing manager at Date for Date.

Date For Date.

Date For Date helps you find interesting people around you in a visual and clever way using infographics and iconic content such as movies, TV shows and profound badges. Thanks to this unique approach that makes finding the best match faster, more accurate and creates a sensational experience.

Date For Date assumes that the most important things in dating are common interests and the personality of your date, thereby allowing its users to quickly find the most accurate matches nearby. Personality is the centerpiece of all profiles here. In a bold move, Date For Date has stripped profiles of physical attributes that most people lie about anyway, opting instead to expose qualities that play on popular culture. The user profile is based on six visual badges (like: the Adrenaline Junkie, Geek, the Tree Hugger) and bunch of movies, music and TV shows that everyone knows all over the world. It is also visual, which makes it quick and easy to read. The goal of the app is to get people talking. This is why the users have three different ways of connecting, adoring, asking if someone is interested or starting a chat.

“Our promise is to give you a beautiful dating app that works for who you really are. When we say beautiful we mean it. Beautiful design is not just about putting pixels on the screen. It’s about the whole experience of dating people,” says Glen Fotland, cofounder of Date for Date.

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