SunBridge GV World ‘Innovation Weekend World Tour’ Grand Opening.


SunBridge GV World ‘Innovation Weekend World Tour’ Grand Opening.

The company behind the operation of a Global seed Accelerator, SunBridge Global Ventures Inc., is a platform whose main objective is to discover and nurture entrepreneurs targeting global business development. SunBridge GV implemented the ‘Innovation Weekend Would Tour’.


The main goals for this Innovation Weekend is to discover startups which haven’t received any substantial investment or haven’t established a business yet. By connecting these upcoming startups with investors, such as Venture Capitals, Seed Accelerators, angel invest, corporate venture capitals, etc, New business development responsible, lawyers or auditors, they will be able to acquire seed funding, network-inciting sponsorship and find mentors. ‘Innovation Weekend” will being sometime during May.

During the past 3 years, over 103 startups have manage to pitch as the event. With contribution to their public relations and fundraising, as among 60% received some media coverage and 22% successfully raised a funding round.


With the fourth season about to start, and launching globally itself, they shall receive the attention from foreign entrepreneurs. By inviting them to Japan, they will challenge the Japanese startup scene into becoming global.

The ‘World Tour” will be organized in Singapore during May, Tokyo during June, London during July, Boston during September, and Tokyo once again during October. In December, each event’s winner will be invited to Tokyo, where the ‘Innovation Weekend Grand Finale’, which will determine the new season’s World Champion, will be taking place.

Additionally, Among the startup which have participated on the ‘Innovation Weekend’, those having a high potential for global expansion, with the help from SunBridge GV, opportunities for contacts with Venture Capitals, Seed Accelerators, as well as local entrepreneurs based in Tokyo and in the Silicon Valley as a foothold which would be a concrete support to plan their global expansion. By supporting the global expansion of profitable startups by PR or by broadcasting their alluring features in English, a very practical and beneficial ecosystem will be set up.

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