Stripe Includes Support For Alipay, Expanding Alibaba Global Extension.


Stripe Includes Support For Alipay, Expanding Alibaba Global Extension.

US-based payments firm Stripe is including support for Alibaba payment service Alipay, helping its business extend to even more customers in China, where e-commerce is at an all time trending high. This also comes as the Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba seeks out to make Aliplay a mainstream option as part of its efforts to eventually take its consumer business globally particularly towards the West.


Stripe is one the largest companies from its current space, having secured a total amount of $120 million in funding and businesses based within 14 countries are using its as part of their infrastructure to sell to customer all over the world. This agreement shall see Alipay reaching towards customer who shop on Stripe businesses after allowing the option on their dashboard.

Stripe has also take some maneuvers to insure that paying with Alipay is a hassle free process for customers. Normally, paying with Alipay would send customers towards a different site. But with Stripe, Alipay user can simply enter their email address and six-digit code while checking.


On a blog posting, Stripe goes on to elaborate rational for including Alipay.

About 1 billion people hold one of the cards that Stripe supports today, but these card brands see little usage in China. Alipay, on the other hand, is used by hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers. We’re building a universal platform for internet commerce; in order to enable China’s 1.3 billion people to buy from Stripe businesses, we decided to add support for Alipay.

The feature is currently still under beta at the moment, but Stripe stated that it will be launching out support for all of its customers “over the coming weeks.”

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