Teams Up With Department Store Chain Parco.

0 Teams Up With Department Store Chain Parco.

The startup that’s operating the e-commerce platform that is similar to that of Shopify,, the Tokyo-based Bracket, has recently announced that it has managed to make a partnership with the Japanese department store chain known as Parco. With this recently partnership, the e-commerce company will assist a total of 3,000 tenant retailer department stores establish their online presence.


Since its initial launching back in 1969, Parch has managed to roll out over 19 stores nationwide within Japan, recently it has reported over $2.6 billion in revenue for fiscal year 2013. Stores. JP began its e-commerce platform service back during the August of 2012, and has acquired a total of 90,000 merchants ever since then.

Every single one of Parco retailers are encouraged to established their own e-commerce site by utilizing the website, with plans to drive their user traffic from said store’s blog where retailers staff can introduced the available merchandise and products. Retailers are also to set up a pre-order button on their online storefront, where customers may be able to purchase a product online in addition to having the option of picking it up at the retail store.


Currently, something like this is quite an amazing feat to pull off, with a high-profile shopping complex such as Parch rolling out such a mass quantity of e-commerce sites for their tenant retailers. CEO of, Yusuke Mitsumoto went on to explain this recent partnership:

We’ve seen that some retailers from Parco can generate as much as 25% of their entire revenue from online sales. We’ll be more focused on coordinating blogs and syndicated e-commerce business. We want to enable all retailers in Parco successfully launch e-commerce sites.

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