Stock App SNEK Gains High Amount Of Downloads In Under One Month.


Stock App SNEK Gains High Amount Of Downloads In Under One Month.

A stock information application by the name of “SNEK” has recently reached the milestone of 50,000 download in only under one month from its official launching of the application, and has continued to rapidly grow to become one of the most favorable among many stock investors.

At the current moment, SNEK is ranked number seventh in the fiance section of Google Play Store and Number one in Apple’s App store finance section.

"SNEK" is currently ranked No. 7 in the finance section of Google Play Store and No. 1 in Apple App Store finance section.


The application is the only one in the market that currently provides “abnormal patterns push-alarm service,” which through the usage of big data analysis analyzes various information and figures regarding stock of interest to the user and notifies or push-alarms  the user when such figures have begun to deviate from a normal range.

Eve more so, the cutting-edge stock application also comes equipped with services which could aid individual stock investors in a variety of ways, such as “Investment News Feed,” which provides various information on each stock, “Chatting” and “Social Investment,” which allows the user to share information with other investor and learn from someone else with much more abundance of experience within the stock market.

The creator and CEO of this application, has stated,“SNEK is a service that provides information on each stock for better investment decisions of private investors. We hope to see SNEK contributing to making more informed decisions by integrating software technology in the stock market.”

It’s unknown whether this application will ever expand its’s services towards other regions in the world, but one thing for sure, is that this application has a crazy boom within its own home country of South Korea, so maybe this amazing success could lead them towards expanding the application, and allow other to experience such an amazing innovation.

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