The Startup That Wants To Help People Turn Their Loyalty Points Into Cash.


The Startup That Wants To Help People Turn Their Loyalty Points Into Cash.

Loyalty cards are impressive marketing tools that can encourage previous customers to continue to return for retail business. With their amazing success, an assortment of other customer retainer like gift cards, prepaid cards, mileage programs, memberships, vouchers, rewards and coupans, have been introduced by a large variety of business.

The Works.

Even though they are suppose to be money savers for customer, having a large abundance could be quite troublesome to keep track of while shopping, and customers have the tendency of forgetting to redeem their points. In order to make things much more simpler to process for customers and more effective for businesses, Singapore-based has introduced the world’s largest loyalty card network. During their beta launch, they noted that US customers have an average of $850 in their various loyalty holdings, which can be converted into another company’s miles, product and even cash, with the assistance from will allow users to manage their various loyalty card program on one online space and monetize their benefits in the most efficient way. Once the registration is done, the user can create their loyalty portfolio by including their mileage and loyalty programs, as well as their gift and membership cards within a few minutes.’s dashboard shall give and overview of all the users programs and gift cards, which include their current value in cash and how they can be monetized for maximum profit.

Social Network.

Giift shall also provide users with a networking platform there they can add their friends and share exciting offers or exchange valure or points with them. They can purchase, sell, and trade gift cards, points, and miles with the connections. The more connections one has, to more savings they shall be able to access.

The team of Gift are making it their main objective of becoming THE social network of gift cards and loyalty program. The are not know creating a value for customers, but also harnessing business intelligence to help companies reach a more relevant target audience. Ceo and Co-founder of Giift, Pascal Xatart, Said:

“We believe has a strong value proposition for both users and business partners. Its highly intuitive and accessible interface belies a complex backend structure that seeks to integrate virtually every existing card and loyalty program out there on a singular platform.”

Co-founded during 2012 by Pascal Xatart, Laurent Xatart and Jead Herbiere, Giift currently stands at US$ 5.3 million in capital from founders and private investors. They have one of the biggest databases in the world with 1,700 loyalty and card programs, including 500 track balance programs within more than 50 countries. Their expected market is said to be around 1 billion beneficiaries and an underlying industry $750 billion. Pascal further stated:

“As the community of both users and brand programs grow, we believe is set to change the landscape of how loyalty programs operate and are utilized, to ultimately benefit users and businesses around the world.”

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