StarHub Partners with Parallels to Further Expand Cloud Services Offerings.


StarHub Partners with Parallels to Further Expand Cloud Services Offerings.

Parallels, the platform provider for cloud service delivery, today announced its partnership with StarHub, Singapore’s second-largest info-communication service provider, to further expand StarHub’s cloud services offerings in the country.


The collaboration includes StarHub’s deployment of Parallels Automation, enabling it to rapidly deliver cloud services for businesses efficiently and cost-effectively. With its unified automatic provisioning of cloud services, Parallels Automation is the only platform to automate and simplify cloud service delivery for the largest telcos, hosters and IT distributors. It accelerates creation and delivery of unique cloud services bundles through multiple sales channels, streamlines service provider operations and gives channel partners and customers a unified service experience

The deployment of Parallels Automation is part of StarHub’s strategy to further strengthen its cloud delivery leadership and business expansion in Singapore. The move also helps the company future-proof its IT infrastructure to cater to the increasing cloud demand from its SMB customers.


“Our customers are looking to leveraging products in the cloud, such as Microsoft Office 365, and they want to be able to use the services quickly,” said Sebastian Tan, Vice President of Managed Services & Solutions at StarHub. “Our partnership with Parallels not only enables us to deliver our service efficiently in terms of provisioning and billing, but also allows us to effectively provide other value-added StarHub’s Enterprise cloud services.”

“SMBs are interested in critical business applications that can help them be successful in today’s competitive business environment,” said Pavel Ershov, Vice President, Service Providers Business at Parallels Asia Pacific and Japan. “Parallels Automation is a proven, highly scalable and flexible cloud service platform that allows our partners like StarHub to deliver hundreds of cloud services applications, enabling their SMB customers to gain access to the IT applications and capabilities previously available only to the large enterprises.”

Service Providers can learn more about Parallels Automation by visiting the Parallels Cloud Services website at

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