Starbucks Launches Mobile Siren Order App In South Korea.


Starbucks Launches Mobile Siren Order App In South Korea.

Recently Starbuck has announced that regular customers will now be able to easily order menus in their coffee shops in Korea through the usage of their mobile application and don’t need to wait in long lines for their orders and drinks.

Siren Order.

Starbucks Korea announced that it has managed to launch, for the very first in every single Starbucks around the world, a “Siren Order” service, in which order can be made conveniently through the use of mobile applications.

This service will allow “My Starbuck Rewards” members to make pre-payments for beverages with Starbucks card application and will bring up popup messages such as ” order approved,” “beverage is currently being prepared” and “ready to be served” on to their smartphones, when the customer since out their order to the store they have currently walked into.


Adding shots, syrup and whipped cream or switching to low-fat milk or soy milk can also be ordered through the use of QR codes that come along with the application. The application is expected to save both time and trouble from having to wait through a long line to place an order and receive the beverage in crowded times such as during the lunch hours.

The service shall be adopted by Starbucks Korea in priortiy and the similar one is expected to be implemented into U.S. stores later on during this year.

An official spokesperson at Starbucks Korea said, “We value communication with our customers above all in our business principles, and communication through digitalized marketing tools such as “Siren Order” will help to extend and innovate our customer relations.”

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