SouFun Announces Five-Year Plan For Its New Website


SouFun Announces Five-Year Plan For Its New Website

SouFun Holdings Limited, the leading real estate Internet portal in China, today announced its five-year plan direction with a new flagship website

“SouFun’s future relies on three platforms: China’s leading real estate Internet and Mobile Platform, real estate and home furnishing Transaction Platform, and real estate Internet Financing Platform. SouFun’s Internet and Mobile Platform will continue to provide searching, marketing, and listing services while SouFun’s other two platforms will provide relevant transaction and financing products and tools based on our Internet and Mobile Platform,” commented Vincent Mo, SouFun’s executive chairman.

Five Year Plan.

To support this new five-year plan, SouFun has been upgrading its whole technology infrastructure including its Internet and Mobile Platform. The adoption of a new flagship website and its mobile APP is a key part of SouFun’s new plan. The Company believes that the new and simplified address,, will be much easier for Chinese users to remember and access, thereby improving SouFun’s brand recognition.

The new website logo emphasizes the concept of “Fang” (which means “home” in Chinese), signifying SouFun’s commitment to strengthen its leading Internet and Mobile Platform, develop and enhance its Transaction Platform and Internet Financing Platform to facilitate users in searching, buying, selling, renting homes, obtaining financing assistances, and meeting their home furnishing needs.

Vincent Mo continued, “We are lucky that we bought the domain name, which is a natural match of SouFun’s core businesses with our users, members, and clients. SouFun will continue to focus on investing in our new plan, upgrading our services and products to facilitate property transactions, and provide financial services to address all needs of China’s real estate market.”


SouFun operates the leading real estate Internet portal in China in terms of the number of page views and visitors to its websites in 2013, according to DCCI, an independent market research institution commissioned by us.

“Through our websites, we provide marketing, e-commerce, listing and other value-added services for China’s fast-growing real estate and home furnishing and improvement sectors. Our user-friendly websites support active online communities and networks of users seeking information on, and other value-added services for, the real estate and home-related sectors in China.”


SouFun currently maintains about 100 offices to focus on local market needs and its website and database contains real estate related content covering more than 330 cities in China.

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