Sony Surpasses Nintendo In sales After Eight long Years.


Sony Surpasses Nintendo In sales After Eight long Years.

For what seems the very first time for the past eight years, Sony has successfully manged to outsell their own Japanese rival Nintendo as the Playstation 4 continues to lead the global console battle.

SOny has sold a total of 18.7 million hardware units during the financial year ending of March, These included the PS4, PS3 and handheld devices, while Nintendo’s sales have totaled to be around 16.3, a decline from its previous 31 percent.

This shift in power is mostly doe the powerful performance from Sony’s PS4, which was launched during the previous November, weak sales on Nintendo’s most latest console, the Wii U, and declining interest in its handheld device the 3DS.


So far the PS4 has manage to sell over 8.1 million units compared to the Wii U’s 6.3 million, with the Xbox One, having launched around the same time as the PS4, still struggling to catch up with sales of 4.5 million.

The Wii U has had a recent growth in thanks to the powerful performance pulled by Mario Kart 8, a Nintendo exclusive which sold more than 1.1 million copies globally , But this hasn’t been nearly enough to be a complete turn around for the company.

During May Nintendo confirmed its annual losses of over $229 million and during the previous Friday it announces the closure of its European headquarters, leading towards a loss of over 130 jobs.

Every single one of these three companies shall be announcing some of the up coming latest release during E3 this week, whether any new titles shall be announced is yet be seen.

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