Sony Forms A Pact to Sell Their Playstation 4 Within China.


Sony Forms A Pact to Sell Their Playstation 4 Within China.

Microsoft had made some recent headlines of singing a deal with BesTV, in order to distribute and sell the Xbox One home console units with China beginning during this coming September.

Not to be left behind, Sony has manage to establish its own joint venture under the Sony China co., with a wholly owned subsidiary dubbed the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group, as its been translated down form a disclosure agreement.

From whats can be read:

“The two companies formed will be Shanghai Oriental Pearl Solatube Culture Development Co., Ltd., the capital of which will be formed by a 51% investment from Shanghai Oriental Pearl (RMB 5.1 million) and a 49% investment from Sony China (RMB 4.9 million). Sony will invest 70% of the capital of the second company (RMB 3,066 million), which will be named Sony Computer Entertainment ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd., while Shanghai Oriental Pearl will pinch in the remaining 30% (RMB 1,314 million).”


This would allow for sony to gain some measure of leverage for transferring its pS4 units through out the Shanghai free trading Zone, although they have failed to disclose upon any details about when the units shall be released on sale or what is the time frame.

Seeing as Microsoft is aiming to have their release during September, It’s can be imagined that Sony would also want to release and similar amount or even greater amount of PS4 into the Mainland marketplace of China to keep the competition prepped.

Given that Microsoft is aiming for a September release (and a very moderate 100,000 SKUs to be sold), I would imagine Sony would want to get an equal amount (or more) of PS4s out into the Mainland marketplace of China to keep the competition invigorating.


Although, one thing that should be pointed out is that this information was taken from a website without Sony officially announcing it in the first place, this could all be an elaborate ploy. So the information may no be 100% accurate and simply some one who is trying to pull off a trick for some kicks.

Consider the past complication between China and Japan, its might get a bit interested seeing how well Sony, which is a Japanese company, do with trying to make the pS4 a successful brand in china. Who’s to say if the Chinese people would willing adopt the console or simply ignore it due to it being a Japanese product.

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