Snapdeal’s Brand New App Wants To Allure Vendors.


 Snapdeal’s Brand New App Wants To Allure Vendors.

The Indian e-commerce platform,, has recently announce the launching for its mobile application seller named “Seller Zona App”. The company is searching for ways to enhance their experience for its existing 30,000+ merchants as well as other potential business that are searching to list and sell their products offering thought its marketplace platform.


This application allows merchants to register and start selling on Snapdeal. The company has claimed that its existing Snapdeal sellers will be able to manage their inventory and prices of the products they have listed down on the site. It boast to in including fast selling product to ‘favorites’ for ready references and better manageability.

The application is currently available on the Android platform and shall be available for the iOS within a week’s time. The company plans to extend its to the Windows platform in the near future.

Senior Vice President and Product Management, Ankit Khanna, stated, “Mobile is an important channel which we believe will be the key growth driver for the company. Many of our sellers come outside of the top 10 cities of the country where broadband penetration might not be as optimal. Keeping this in mind, we have now launched a mobile application exclusively for our existing as well as potential sellers. It will enable them to manage their store and products listed on on-the-go and more effectively as well.”

Snapdeals gains over 50 percent of its sales through mobile based transactions. With the increasing amount of mobile penetration and smartphone usage in the country, this latest initiative is in line with the company forecast that mobile shall drive the coming wave of buyers and sellers on its platform, Snapdeal expects to triple its seller base to reach over 1,000,000 sellers within the next 12 months, and this initiative will further accelerate this process.

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