Snapdeal Reveals India’s Sudden Shift Towards Mobile Shopping.


Snapdeal Reveals India’s Sudden Shift Towards Mobile Shopping.

One of India’s largest online marketplaces, has recently announced a statement proclaiming that half of its total sales are now coming form the use of mobile devices. The company went on to say that mobile-based transactions have increased 25-fold from the previous year, when it was just around five percent.


This recent trend has shown that the Indian market is willing to use their mobile first when ti comes to e-commerce. To put this into a better perspective, China’s Aliplay has also recently surpassed the 50-percent threshold during Chinese New Year, but took more than two years for it to reach the number of mobile payment user five times of that compared to Snapdeal’s 25 times in just one year. While China still far exceeds India in the total amount of transaction, India is moving towards m-commerce at a much quicker pace.


According to Snapdeal’s data from the past three months, around 45 percent of its total transaction from the mobile platform came through its native application, and the other 55 percent from its mobile website. 20 percent of Snapdeal application users access it nearly everyday, according to the company. As for mobile OSs, Android accounts for more than 80 percent of the applications traffic, followed by iOS at 20 percent.

Snapdeal hasn’t disclosed any specific figures regards the transaction volume. Fashion and home-related products are the most popular categories among customer shopping through mobile, stays the company.

The number of internet users in India is possibly going to reach over 155 million near the end of March 2014, with a 20 percent quarterly growth rate, according to a recent report done by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International.

According to Snapdeal, the sudden change from web to mobile has a lot to do with the country gaining much more affordable smartphones. This has also allowed over million of Indians to receive their very first Internet experiences on mobile devices rather PCs.

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