Smartphone Sales Are up to 18 Million Units In Southeast Asia In Q1 2014.


Smartphone Sales Are up to 18 Million Units In Southeast Asia In Q1 2014.

Southeast Asia has become known as an upcoming region when it comes down to smartphone devices, with sales that continue to ramp up and breaking through all sorts of records in the overall handset market to surpass featured phones, according to a report recently released from the market research firm GfK.


Completely, over 18 million smartphones were sold throughout Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam in the first quarter of 2014, up 43 percent from same period a year back. The value of all the mobile devices sold during January through Marched has been fasten at $4.2 billion, from up to 25 percent from the same period a year, according to the report.

Remarkably, during March 2014, smartphone sales have made up over 55 percent of the total handset market across Southeast Asia, as more people within those region continue to upgrade from basic feature phones towards smartphones. This momentum is only set to increase the availability of low-cost Android devices heading their way to the market, especially from China.

According to the data provided by GfK, smartphones priced below $100 have shown the greatest strength in growth in sales to contribute the most in dollar term for the first quarter of this year, accounts for over 30 percent.


Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand have become the fastest-growing markets for smartphone according to sales volume during the first quarter this year, with a growth rate of 68,59 and 45 percent respectively. Indonesia also makes up the largest smartphone markets, accounting for up to 7.3 million units in sales, that two-fifth of the region’s total amount.

During the meantime, GfK pointed out that tablets are also getting increasingly popular as well. With a total of 1.1 million units worth $567 million were sold during just the first three months of this year, with Malaysia and Indonesia being the biggest markets.

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