Smartphone App “Who’s There?” Helps to Protect from Disguised Criminals.


Smartphone App “Who’s There?” Helps to Protect from Disguised Criminals.

A smartphone application that goes by the name of “Who’s There?,” developed and launched by a startup venture under the name “Start Sun Moon” is gaining massive popularity among single-women households ands its been proven to be highly effective in prevent crimes that involve delivery-posed criminals.

“Who’s There?” is an application that a helps women, elderly and children who are left alone at home to rapidly adapt with situation s where a suspicious man tries to enter the house hold with any sort of evil intent, posing either as a delivery man, a plumber and son on. This application, which was launched during the previous month, quickly turned popular as it surpassed over the 10,000 download goal in only a single month from its launch.


The application is very simple to use. The user will be able to set time (from one, three or five minutes and so forth) on the application and tap on the start button before said user opens the door for the unexpected visitor. If the visitor is deemed harmless, the user can tap on the “stop” button to halt the running clock. But when the visitor turns out to be an assailant, the user will now be able to press the stop button within the set, and the application will automatically contact the family members, set emergency contact or 911 for help.

The CEO of the start-up which developed the application said, “There have been increases in crimes involving delivery-guised assailants as a result of a recent hike in the number of single households. The simple smartphone app will help you quickly ask help in dangerous situations and also relieve from anxiety and fear of being alone at home.”

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