The Smart And Elegant Social Calender, Kiwi Calender.


The Smart And Elegant Social Calender, Kiwi Calender.

The next generation of social and smart calender, Kiwi Calendar, has recently announced the launching of its first mobile application, available for free in the Apple App Store. With a Painstakingly designed elegant user-interface and a smart recommendation engine featured in, Kiwi Calendar is the on the go social calender for the iOS on the market that helps users balance their work and offline after-work life.


Despite the long history behind online calenders, contemporary calenders tend to overemphasize the importance of trivial organizational feature, for example, calculating the minutes in their commute to the clients office, and provide minimal benefit to the general well being of its users.

“Kiwi Calendar was first built as an office calendar that PapayaMobile had been using internally, and we eventually came to the realization that online calendars had really not evolved much,” said Si Shen CEO and founder of PapayaMobile. “We recognized an opportunity to re-envision the next generation calendar that would truly benefit users, so we took a leap of faith and created a social calendar that isn’t just another organizing app.”

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Positioned as a personal assistant to understand that during the busy working schedules of individuals, they barely have enough time to try and enjoy their life outside of work with their friends, Kiwi Calender is an application whose benefits users extend beyond that of working hours.


Kiwi Calender for the iOS, similar to its Web version, is empowered by an artificial intelligence and proprietary machine learning algorithm that analyzes its user routine, location, relationships, and interest. In determination of helping out its fellow users to try and have more time to enjoy life and encourage spending with people that matter in their lives, Kiwi intelligently understand its users personal tastes and recommends fun and relevant offline activities  on its users’ real-time location and availability. These users are tailored around recommendations that include local concerts, movie showings, and fun events Facebook friends plans on attending.

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“As Internet users today spend more time plugged into the Web at work, they’re seeking apps and devices that improve their offline well-being and relationships,” said Shen. “Knowing this, the Kiwi team developed a Web app and pocket-sized companion on iOS to manage life during and after work by lending a digital helping hand that strikes a balance between the best of both worlds.”

Not forgetting the inner workings of a true social calendar, Kiwi Calendar carries the hallmarks of a mobile social application packaged in a beautiful and easy to navigate interface. User can conveniently share calenders with friends and co-workers, quicly schedule events on Kiwi with friends, and instantly communicate with event participants by sharing in-app  messages, emoticons, and photos. By keeping the user experience in mind firstly, during the initial design phase, these features and much more have been integrated to be more than a few taps away.

Kiwi Calendar’s complete features include:

  • Effortless syncing with Google Calendar: Sync events instantly and automatically between Kiwi and Google Calendar.
  • Smart recommendations: Find Kiwi-recommended events nearby your real-time location, schedule permitting, or attend events Facebook friends have RSVPed.
  • Movie showtimes: Click on recommended movies to display showtimes at nearby theaters.
  • Concert recommendations: Find local concerts suggested by interest around your real-time location.
  • Agenda view: View past and future events, recommendations, friends’ events, and the weather forecast.
  • Calendar sharing: Share calendars with friends to view their availability.
  • Event page: Settle on a time and location to create or join in on events created using Kiwi Event pages, and chat with participants through messaging, photo sharing, and file uploading features.
  • Instant photo sharing: Quickly share photos with friends on any events page using Kiwi Calendar’s unique photo sharing button, appearing on the Agenda View during an RSVPed event.
  • Connect with Facebook and LinkedIn: Add contacts from social media to Kiwi. See Facebook friends’ public events and join in.
  • Reminders: Be reminded of upcoming events by way of emails and/or pop-ups.

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