SK Telecom Unveils Wearable “T Kids Phone JooN” with Safety Features.


SK Telecom Unveils Wearable “T Kids Phone JooN” with Safety Features.

In order to give parents and children the peace of mind, SK Telecom has recently introduced a new wearable phone “T Kids phone JooN” with the accompanying rate plans. The largest mobile telecom operator in Korea stated during this week tat it would hold a promotional even for housewife bloggers by launching the “JooN” service sometime soon.


The event will invite mothers with children at the age of five to eight years who have posted the new phone’s strength and weaknesses on their blogs. SK Telecom shall listen tot he mothers voices and actively reflect on their opinions in the upgrade for the kids phone.

Developed alongside with startup partner Infomark, The T Kids Phone JooN can be work like a wristwatch or necklace. The child wearer will then be able to make calls through the phone for up to a total of 30 contacts preset by the parent with a simple touch of the phone’s button. The phone is fashioned to make calls with the caller’s photo on the screen so that even a child who doesn’t read can easily do so. The child can also receive incoming calls from pre-designated phone numbers only..


In an emergency, the child can press the “SOS” button on the phone so that the alert can be sent right away to the parent’s smartphone. The parent can also know exactly where the child is by looking up the T Kids JooN map application.

The “Peace of Mind Zone” feature in the app sends out an alarm if the child walks away from the parent for more than 2 kilometers, which comes handy when the family goes out in a large theme park or shopping mall.

This service shall be available for 8,000 won a month, with a 30 minutes of voice calls, 250 text messages, and 100-megabyte data included. Given children receive more incoming calls than outgoing ones, the plan is more than enough for any child between the ages of eight and five.

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