SK Telecom T Phone Services Surpasses A Milestone 1 Million Subscribers.


SK Telecom T Phone Services Surpasses A Milestone 1 Million Subscribers.

SK Telecom has recently announced that its ALL IP-based “T Phone” service has surpassed the 1 million subscriber number. Launched during February of this year, the service combines voice and data available for over ten different smartphone models such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 3, Samsung Note 3 Neo, LG G-Pro 2, G3, and Pantech Vega Iron 2.


The featured “safe take’ integrated into T Phone allows the user to decide on whether to take the phone call or open a text message from an unlisted number of evaluating numbers registered into other use phone books, thereby reducing the instances of phishing and smishing.

Furthermore, the “T 114″ feature, which helps the user look up phone numbers in order to proximity from the user’s current location out of 1 million or so numbers with out having the go through the directory service, has become one of the most popular among users. This feature also provides websites and maps in addition to the phone numbers.


Other amazing features were included such as the “home screen” that shows 12 most frequently used numbers and the “dashboard” that reveals the user’s rate plane remaining data volume/ voice minutes  for the mothn have also received favorable responses.

Ha Tae-gyun, SK Telecom president responsible for product development, said, “We plan to come up with a series of innovative product and service offerings to allow our customers to feel the value in everyday life. Within the year’s end, we will launch the application programming interface so that external business operators could work together in the T Phone value ecosystem.”

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