SK Telecom Rolls Out Its Bluetooth Beacon Services.


SK Telecom Rolls Out Its Bluetooth Beacon Services.

SK Telecom has recently announced this past week that it would be launching four types of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) solutions and “Wizturn”, a service development platform. BLE beacons are very small, low-powered Bluetooth transmitter that repeatedly broadcast their presence to other nearby Bluetooth devices.


The beacons have been suited for organizations that want to track their customers movements within a venue, or broadcast targeted messages to customers in a particular location. The four BLE beacons can be applicable in a wide variety of locations depending on the environment and the total amount of foot traffic,

Wizturn, the creators behind the BLE products, is an indoor location platform that will help out developers create different applications such as 3D indoor maps and navigation’s application far more easily and much more quickly. Anyone who is interested in this partnership or purchasing anything related to the beacons and Wizturn can contact the company through its main website.


During this past March of this year, SK Telecom had installed the world’s very first BLE beacons at the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and is currently running the beacons to provide a round-the-clock flow of information and navigation guides to the hospital’s 6,000 daily patients visitors.

During the beginning of last month, the company had also rolled out a beacon-based service at Jamshil Students Gymnasium, the home of SK Knights, professional basketball club in the Korean Basketball League.

Along with its partnership with SK Planet, it will soon offer services in OK Cashbag and Smart Wallet-affiliated stores so that the customers in these store can receive a variety of promotional information and on- site e-coupons.

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