SK Telecom Reveals “T Benefit” Service for Maximum Benefits to Customers.


SK Telecom Reveals “T Benefit” Service for Maximum Benefits to Customers.

SK Telecom had announced during this passing week that it currently plans to launch an all new kind of service that’s called “T Benefit” that notifies the user all benefits provided by the company, as well as the rate plan and additional service that allows user have signed up for.

T Benefit.

T Benefit gathers all the beneficial information scattered around the company’s website and offer it in a single application. Any SK Telecom customer can be download the T Benefit application through the T Store or Google Play.

The biggest strength of the service that allows its user to see all sorts of different benefits and recommended additional service that the user is currently not utilizing. For instance, the user can inquire through T Benefit how many data refill coupons they have left and ask for the refill coupons with a single touch of the screen.

T Benefit also offers a variety of convenience features including “Benefit Simulation.” Through a simulated demonstration, the user can understand easily what services she can enjoy intuitively, with corresponding service charges.

Yoon Won-young, SK Telecom’s head of the marketing unit, “We launched the nation’s first unlimited voice plan for subscribers within the same network. We followed up with other plans such as ‘LTE Data Unlimited’ and ‘Family Discount Plan’ in order to give as much benefit to our customers as possible. We will do our best to come up with highly customized services and plans for our customers.”

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