SK Telecom Reveals Cloud Game Service for Smartphone Users.


SK Telecom Reveals Cloud Game Service for Smartphone Users.

SK Telecom has recently announced that it has manage to launch a “Cloud Game” service by which user will be able to play high-quality video console games available only on Xbox or PlayStation.

Cloud Games.

Cloud Games allows smartphone user to have access to the cloud server and play the game with the necessary need for installation of the games file individually. Any SK Telecom subscriber with an LTE service membership will be able to download the cloud game application on the app market “T Store.”

Through Cloud Game, user will be able to enjoy exciting games entirely different from causal games freely available on the application market for smartphone user. An SK Telecom official stated that this has made it possible by the newly introduced “Broadband LTE-A” service, which is three times much faster than the currently existing speed.

The game titles that are currently available on Cloud Game include Lost Planet II, Resident Evil 5, Batman, Arkham City, Devil May Cry 4, Winning Eleven 2014, Street Fighter X Tekken, and World Rally Championship 4.

Furthermore, in addition to the Cloud Game launch, SK Telecom has also introduced a two new rate plans, “cloud game pack” and “cloud game double pack” so that user may also enjoy games without being limited by data restriction.

Both rate plans offer up towards 1GB and 2 GB of data a day, for a price of 5,000 won and 9,000 won, respectively. For instance, a user who has signed up for a cloud game double pack can play around 3 hours a day without incurring extra data charge.

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