SK Telecom Partners Up with U.S. Learning Content Platform Provider Fishtree.


SK Telecom Partners Up with U.S. Learning Content Platform Provider Fishtree.

SK Telelcom has recently announced that it has sign an agreement with Fishtree, the company specializes in educational content development, to work alongside together in the smart learning business in the United States and the Middle East.

Initially established during 2012 in Ireland, Fishtree is regarded as a leading within learning management solutions platform. The company has manage to win this year the best prize in the learning software category by the Software & Information Industry Association’s NextGen Awards.


Under the terms of this agreement, SK Telecom’s two-way learning solutions and smart device management tools shall be linked with Fishtree’s educational platform developed around the HTML5 web language.

SK Telecom’s smart device management solutions,  dubbed the mobile device management, shall help students use qualified education content and better prepare for classes while providing location information in the case of loss. Its interactive learing solution allows content and other back-up materials to be shared among teachers and students.

Yook Tae-sun, SK Telecom’s head of the new business promotion division, said, “We are glad to work with Fishtree with the world’s best learning content platforms. As a leading company in smart learning, we hope to create synergies with the new partner in global marketing and technology.”

Terry Nealon, CEO and co-founder of Fishtree, said, “It’s a big plus for us to partner with a mobile telecom operator with the world’s best ICT capabilities. Based on our LMS platform, I want the new partnership to create learning contents useful both to teachers and students.”

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