SK Telecom Offers App for Online Counseling for Teenagers.


SK Telecom Offers App for Online Counseling for Teenagers.

A recent smartphone application fashioned exclusively for teenagers and their parents has been launched to offer a special feature to protect the teens smartphone addiction and provide online counseling services.

During this past week, SK telecom, the largest mobile carrier in Korea, has introduced the teenage protection application “T Teenager Safe Pack 2″ with features controlling smartphone usage and blocking harmful websites.

With the application, user including parents will be able to receive not just smartphone usage control but counseling service from experts. SK Telecom, together with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, shall offer anonymous online counseling service for teenagers named “117 Chat” through the application,


There is an enormous impact of the mobile phone on contemporary society from a social scientific perspective. In the book Perpetual contact: mobile communication, private talk, public performance[1] the author James E. Katz, PhD, writes: “They have transformed social practices and changed the way we do business, yet surprisingly we have little perception on their effect in our li[ves].” Some people are replacing face-to-face conversations with cybernetic ones. Clinical psychologist Lisa Merlo says, “Some patients pretend to talk on the phone or fiddle with apps to avoid eye contact or other interactions at a party.” In a survey made by Gazelle, “More than 25% of respondents reported that they “almost always” use their iPhone while in a social setting such as during a meal or during a party. In addition, 58% said they use it ‘usually’ or ‘occasionally’ during these settings.” (Wikipedia)


The “117 Chat” service is handled by the city’s police agency offer free chatting counseling service from psychology experts recommended by the police agency, the Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Parents and children can receive counseling on school violence through the service and police investigation and medical treatment are offered when it’s needed.

Furthermore, the service user can setup to lock certain application at a certain time by themselves. The parents will also be able to remotely control all the features of the service in the smartphone of their children.

Even more so, the smartphone application sends alerts to the parents when their children press the power button for the smartphone over five times in a row when they are currently in a dangerous situation. When test messages or SNS posting of their smartphone contain words suggesting school bullying, the application also sends out a notice to their parents automatically.

T Teenager Safe Pack 2 is available at SK Telecom’s application market T Store for free only for SK Telecom teenager subscribers. At the moment, its only available for Android phones.

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