SK Telecom Launches The World’s First Commercial For 225Mbps LTE-Advanced.


SK Telecom Launches The World’s First Commercial For 225Mbps LTE-Advanced.

SK Telecom announced, at a press conference held at its headquarter, that it commercialized 225Mbps LTE-Advanced, that is three times as fast as 75Mbps LTE, on the smartphones supporting the technology for the first time in the world.


SK Telecom upgraded the existing LTE-Advanced which provides up to 150Mbps by applying Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology that binds 20MHz bandwidth in 1.8GHz band and 10MHz bandwidth in 800MHz band.

225Mbps LTE-Advanced literally offers speeds of up to 225Mbps, which is three times as fast as 75Mbps LTE and fifteen times as 3G. At its peak speed, customers are able to download a 1GB movie just in 37 seconds.

Backed by the high-speed network service, subscribers of SK Telecom will be able to enjoy more enriched mobile experiences. Assuming that all 2GB, the average monthly data consumption per user for LTE, is spent on downloading, if using 225Mbps LTE-Advanced, the user can save 2 min+26 sec and 17 min + 18 sec of waiting time each month compared to the previous 75Mbps LTE and 3G respectively.

Launch of 225Mbps LTE-Advanced is an achievement made at a rather swift pace, in just a year from the world’s first LTE-Advanced commercialization last June and three years from the nation’s first LTE commercialization in July 2011.

SK Telecom described the world’s first commercialization of 225Mbps LTE-Advanced a remarkable accomplishment that would further raise the status of Korea as an ICT powerhouse. Among 300 network operators with commercialized LTE across 107 countries*, SK Telecom is the first to implement 225Mbps LTE-Advanced technology on network systems and smartphones for commercialization.


Celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, SK Telecom had first opened the era of telecommunications in Korea with analogue methodology (1G) in 1984. Since then, the company continuously pioneered telecommunications technology by leading widespread use of telecommunications with commercialization of CDMA (2G) in 1996 and again introducing an era of wireless data communications with commercial launch of HSDPA (3G) on cellular phones in 2006, both for the first time in the world.

In particular, SK Telecom is being recognized as a frontier in the global telecommunications field with its success in commercialization of LTE in 2011 and LTE-Advanced in 2013 in a row. For two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014, the company was awarded “Outstanding LTE Contribution” at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards. Also, it won ‘Most Significant Development of a Commercial LTE Network – Operator’ at LTE World Summit last year and ‘Best Mobile Carrier’ at Telecom Asia Award this year for the third consecutive year.

Furthermore, by successfully commercializing the ‘20MHz+10MHz’ CA, SK Telecom moves one step closer to realizing the next level of LTE-Advanced technology: 3 band LTE-Advanced by aggregating three component carriers. The company added that, by launching the world’s leading telecommunications service, it also expects to acquire global competitiveness of Korea’s overall ICT ecosystem that encompasses handsets, telecommunications equipment and contents.

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