SK Telecom and Korea Expressway Sign A Deal On Big Data Sharing.


SK Telecom and Korea Expressway Sign A Deal On Big Data Sharing.

During this past week on June 16th, SK Telecom had announced that they have manage to ink an agreement with Korea’s Expressway Corp. to share big data with each other and create useful information during these times.

Big Data.

The most latest deal involves them sharing bid data provided by Geovision, SK Telecom’s very own commercial zone analysis tool, and highway usage data held by Korea Expressway for public research purposes.

Furthermore, the two companies shall use the data to continue developing a temporary lady’s rooms in the resting areas during holiday season by putting together the highways traffic data and base station data traffic.

The data would be utilized to measure the kinds of effect on mobile advertising to help advertiser pinpoint their messages hve had some of the more larger impacts at grand scale, leading to the advertiser to take full advantage of this massive peak and continue to experiment on what kind of information the people in this particular area would enjoy being informed about, when it comes to the latest ads.

Cho Young-hwan, SK Telecom executive in charge of the big data task force, said, “The big data to be shared through the latest agreement will be of great help to the general public in using highways. I believe big data can make incredible contributions to improving our quality of life in the future.”

Chae Cheol-pyo, Korea Expressway Corp. head of the ICT center, said, “The agreement will help us improve highway services and become a model case for the Government 3.0 initiative by which big data fusion between the public and private sectors creates so many public benefits.”

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