SK Telecom Expands into the Chinese Healthcare Market.


SK Telecom Expands into the Chinese Healthcare Market.

SK Telecom recently announced that it opens ‘SK Telecom Healthcare R&D Center’ and ‘Shenzhen VISTA-SK Medical Center’ in Software Park in Shenzhen, China, signaling the company’s entry into the country’s healthcare market.


Shenzhen VISTA-SK Medical Center, opened jointly by SK Telecom and VISTA, a Chinese medical corporation, is sized 4,700m2 and has a general medical examination center that can examine 30,000 customers in a year and four specialized clinics of family medicine, pediatrics, dental care and gynecology.

SK Telecom established a joint venture (Shenzhen VISTA-SK Medical Center Co., Ltd) with VISTA in June 2013 and has participated in the management as the second largest shareholder.

VISTA, the business partner experienced with management of specialized clinics in Chinese metropolitan cities including Beijing, will form a strategic alliance with health insurance companies in the country and provide medical service through clinics in association with the general medical examination center. SK Telecom will take a role to explore new business opportunities in cooperation with the Chinese government by converging ICT to healthcare.


SK Telecom Healthcare R&D center, opening along with the general medical examination center, comprises IVD lab, Open Collaboration Center for joint projects with partner companies and a promotion center to display SK Telecom’s healthcare businesses.

The IVD lab will conduct research and development linked to the general medical examination center with regard to IVD devices and reagents of NanoEnTek and Tianlong, companies that SK Telecom has invested, as well as studies to develop IVD products customized for Chinese market which have been led by SK Telecom Future Technology R&D Division.

Open Collaboration Center will facilitate comprehensive cooperation through joint research and business projects with Korean and Chinese member companies of Future Diagnosis Forum and other healthcare companies in China, while the promotion center will be used to showcase SK Telecom’s healthcare businesses and vision.

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