SK Telecom Announces Their “Subway Free” Rate Plan.


SK Telecom Announces Their “Subway Free” Rate Plan.

Customers of SK Telecom will soon be able to go to work more easily. The largest mobile telecom service operator stated during during the previous week that it has plans of launching a new rate plan dubbed “Subway Free” by which subscribers can use an unlimited amount of data within the subway trains and platforms within the Seoul Metropolitan area for a flat monthly price of 9,000 won.


With this recent plan, subscribers will be able to easily enjoy a total of 2 gigabytes of data a day, with no charge for extra data. Any user who has manage to exceed the limit can continue enjoying the service for a speed of 400 Kbps. All monthly fixed-rate LTE subscribers are eligible to sign up for the Subway Free plan.

According to the information found on the data traffic analysis for the month of May by SK Telecom, over more than 5-10 percent of data is in use within the subway trains and platform. In another data made available by the Seoul Metro, the cumulative number of passenger for its Nos.

1-4 Subway lines during the month of February during this year totaled up to 40 billion, with the average passenger number reaching up to 4.2 million. The bodes will for the mobile telecom service provider upcoming Subway Free Plan. The company willl further go on to expand the available area to cover the entirety of the country subway lines by the end of July.

 During the previous year, SK Telecom launched the opened era of broadband LTE and LTE-A service in over 555 subway station nationwide. Beginning as of July 1st this year, Broadband LTE-A service shall becoming available in ares where Broadband LTE and LTE-A services are provided.

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