SK Telecom and Anam Electronics Team Up to Develop High-End Wi-Fi Audios.


SK Telecom and Anam Electronics Team Up to Develop High-End Wi-Fi Audios.

SK Telecom has recently announced that it has manage to signed up an agreement for the sales and manufacture of portable high-end Wi-Fi audio and related service with Anam Electronics which handles ODM (Original Development Manufacturing) for high-end audio equipment suppliers including Yamaha, JVC and Denon.


The significance of the contract is to join forces to gather the core competencies and technologies of each company to be successful in the portable high-end Wi-Fi audio market. SK Telecom stated that it’s already decide the genera business direction with the partner firm.

Both companies have claimed that they aim to offer high-quality sound which only a few high-end consumers could have the chance to experience until now to ordinary consumers during the signing ceremony. Their main objectives is to include a convenient user interface sound quality improvement and price tag advantage.


SK Telecom shall also be in charge of the product planning, design, user experience designs and service operation while Anam Electronics takes charge of hardware designs, manufacturing, quality control and customer service. Also the name of both of these companies shall be displayed upon the front side of the product and the packaging, and they plan to cooperate to promote their high-quality audio internationally as well.

Anam Electronic CEO Choi Seong-ryeol said, “The electronics market is changing fast and we believe that our new partnership can bring us unlimited possibilities and allow us to create new values for our customers.” An SK Telecom official said, “We will do our best to offer the best deals and satisfaction by combining the strengths of each company.”

This new audio product will most likely be introduced within the domestic market place as early as December of this year and shall be expanded upon on the overseas market during the first quarter of 2015.

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