SK Broadband Aggressively Expands Its CDN Business.


SK Broadband Aggressively Expands Its CDN Business.

SK Broadband has set plans into motion for strengthening their content delivery network (CDN) business. The second largest broadband Internet provider in Korea in terms of the number of subscribers that have been announced during the past week, that it shall exclusively provide CDN service to Seoul Digital University which boast the largest number of online students among online universities in Korea.


SK Broadband has already secured a deal with EBS, Korea’s public learning channel. As of June, SK Broadband has manage to distribute all sorts of video-on-demand and over-the-air TV programs from mobile and web users utilizing their CDN network.

For the Seoul Digital Univerisity students, SK Broadband shall offer CDN and cloud service through which they will be able to watch high-definition video contents with a variety of devices including computers, smartphone and start TVs.

By providing CDN service to premier online education content providers, SK Broadband figures it would be able to promote its CDN capabilities in the and outside of Korea and gain a foothold in overseas markets.


CDN service is a network technology providing optimum delivery routes to customer by diversifying traffic among different Internet service provider for some of the fastest and stablest transmission of high-quantity content. Every since 2012, SK Broadband has provided low-cost and high-efficiency CDN services by utilizing its own network infrastructure with talented manpower in CDN development and operation.

During the previous September, it commercialized a CDN platform based on open API together with SK Telecom’s Network Technology R&D Center to provide more stable CDN services to its customers even in a situation of sudden traffic increase.

An official at SK Broadband said, “As our stable and reliable CDN service is recognized by EBS, Korea’s best-known learning content provider, we will do our best to offer best CDN services to Seoul Digital University. Along with this, we will accelerate our advancement into global CDN markets further.”

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