SingTel, Samsung Team UP to Push Mobile Broadband Usage.


SingTel, Samsung Team UP to Push Mobile Broadband Usage.

South Korean mobile device manufacturer Samsung and Singapore Telecom have recently announced a partnership of programmes aimed towards benefiting the 500 million users of SingTel networks within six different countries, which includes Thailand.

These four partnership programming will direct carrier billing, regional mobile applications development, retail collaboration , and direct access towards selected applications.

The Group.

They will be progressively launched by companies within the SingTel goupr, such as SingTel in Singapore, Optus in Australia, Advanced Info Services in Thailand, Airtel within both India and Africa, Globe Telecom for the Philippines and Telkomsel in Indonesia. These collaborations will help differentiate the companies services and improve upon their competition.

Contributing as part of this collaborations, Pratthana LeelaPanang, AIS executive vice president for marketing, commented that during this month the Thai telecom would be launching its direct carrier billing to allow its post-paid and pre-paid customers to purchase applications and content from Samsung apps without the need for a credit card.

“The purchase amount will simply be charged to their mobile-phone airtime bills or deducted from their prepaid account balances without any more need to rely on credit cards,” he said.

Boosting Development.

Chief executive of SingTel International, Mark Chong Chin kok, said that members of the SingTel group and Samsung were coming together to give applications development a grand boost. The his programme will identify Innovations starups within the regions and help increase their development progress and gain access to the group’s 500 million mobile services subscribers. He added that this year the SingTel Group within six countries had invested Bt234 billion in order to enhance the mobile data experience for their customers.

This retail collaboration programme will also be providing a one-stop shop for customers with smartphone needs at selected store of Samsung and SingTel’ regional associates. Customers will now be able to access a selected services directly on the phone with have to necessarily having to download the application for them.

SingTel has a number of 3.9 million customers within Singapore, while Optus has around 9.5 million, AIS 40 million, Airtel 370 million, Globe Telecom 35 million, and Telkomsel totaling over 130 million.

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