SingTel Rolls Out Easy Mobile, Allowing Customers to Modify Their Contracts.


SingTel Rolls Out Easy Mobile, Allowing Customers to Modify Their Contracts.

Singapore-based telecommunication conglomerate SingTel has recently announced the launching of its Easy Mobile, a postpaid service that allows customers to modify their mobile plans while on the go.

The Works.

According to information gained from official documents, there are four monthly tariff plans that customers will be given the option from choosing: Small, Medium, Large and XLarge. Each of these plans come with a fixed number of units, which can be used for calls, SMS, and data. One unit can constitute 50 minutes of outgoing local calls, 500 SMS/MMS, or 1.5GB of data. Furthermore, mobile customers can chance from one tariff plan to another each month.

Although, what should be noted down, is that user must dedicate a minimum of one unit to data, SMS and talk time each. This means the mobile customer who do not consume either SMS, outgoing calls, or data packets, will not be able to go without any of these three.

Consumer Singapore and CEO Yuen Kuan Moon of SingTel stated,“The one-size-fits-all approach of conventional mobile plans may not suit all customers, as their usage may vary from month to month.”


Once launched, the service will only be available for new line subscriptions. Although, existing postpaid customers will be able to renew their contracts and integrate Easy Mobile during the coming months.

SingTel will also be using Easy Mobile to hand transactions and post-sales suppoer. Moreover, customers can monitor their real-time usage, arrange for a free home delivery of handset available with the service, or retrieve monthly bills during any time, through the use of the platform.

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