Singapore Keen On Alluring Innovative Companies and Help Them Succeed.


Singapore Keen On Alluring Innovative Companies and Help Them Succeed.

In a a gamble to create better jobs for citizens, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said at the May Day Rally yesterday that Singapore will remain open in order to attract innovation and knowledge-intensive companies. A leading company incorporated specialist in the city-state, recognizes that the country will continue to offer generous incentive to such companies o remain innovative, move up the value chain and prosper after the establish themselves in Singapore.

Commenting further, Ms. Christine Lim, General Manager of Rikvin, said, “As communicated by the country’s leaders in their Labour Day messages this week, an open economy is necessary for creating better opportunities for Singapore workers. This has consistently been our view, along with that, that innovation-driven businesses are key to reinvigorating the economy and creating better quality jobs as the workforce acquires better skills. In addition, it is essential to keep on upgrading in order to remain relevant in the face of relentless competition globally.”

Quality Growth.

According to Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin in his May Day Message earlier this week, the government is fully committed to helping companies revamp their businesses so that they can create better job opportunities and enjoy better growth. This includes helping them tap programs such as the Inclusive Growth Programme and Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC Scheme).

Analysis by Rikvin shows that this is part of a wider strategy to upgrade the economy qualitatively as it undergoes a large-scale restructuring. Last September, the country’s amended EntrePass Scheme came into effect. The scheme was tweaked to attract technopreneurs, high-potential startups and companies which offer high-value added services.

Furhermore,  ever since 2011, the government has consistently expanded the scope of the PIC Scheme to help companies improve the efficiencies in their operations and upskill their workers. At this year’s Budget, the government announced that the scope of the PIC Scheme has been expanded further and extended until 2018.

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