Singapore Issues a Block on All Piracy Sites, Due To its Latest Copyright Laws.


Singapore Issues a Block on All Piracy Sites, Due To its Latest Copyright Laws.

Singapore very own parliament has recently passed an amendment to the city-state’s Copyright Act that is targeting sites such as The Pirate Bay. The bill shall intorduce an “order to disable access to flagrantly infringing online location”, which means that a copyright owner can submit an application to the High Court, which will followed through with a network service provider being ordered to block he offending website.

As CNET has pointed out, copyright owners could previous issue for a take down notice, but service providers weren’t forced to comply and of course ignore on acting upon it.


This newly passed amendment changes the statues quite a bit, and leads to some positive news for those who are holding the copyrights of movies and music. The Singapore High Court still needs to determine a series of criteria, which include whether the “primary purpose” of the site it’s facilitated to or commit copyright infringement, but its quote clear when it comes down to the answers of The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents.

Although, skilled internet user shouldn’t have too much of a problem getting around these blocks with the use of a VPN.

Singapore has decide to throw their hats into the ISP blocking party as of recently, every since a court case that happened back in April 2009 that founded The Pirate Bay’s four founders guilty of facilitating illegal downloading copyrighted material, ISPs have been ordered by governments around the world to block access to all sorts of torrents sites, along with them forcefully being taken down.

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