Sina Weibo’s Talks On the Recent Losses Towards Its Competitor, WeChat.


Sina Weibo’s Talks On the Recent Losses Towards Its Competitor, WeChat.

The ever popular messaging service known as WeChat has been taking away the precious time users spend on their mobiles within China, leading towards concerns that the microblogging service known as Weibo is being threatened. For that matter, Sina has previously admitted that the time people have spent on Weibo has lowered down because of competition like WeChat.

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Although, During the GMIC Beijing today, CEO of Weibo, Gaofei Wang presented a more optimistic appearance, stating that Weibo and Wechat occupy different niches. Weibo has essentially a source for all sorts of public information, he said. WeChat on the other hand, is more of a tool for communication and social networking alongside people that users would already know.

“I hope that people can have access to all the information they’re interested in on Weibo. They don’t need to watch TV, they don’t need to read newspapers, and they don’t need to access other channels of public information,” he said.

Even so, the issue of censorship within China wasn’t really defended well when Wang had spoken about his future vision for Weibo, since the conference is being held at Beijing, the capital of China, where any sort of mention would most likely have the company end up in some serious trouble.


Still, the existence of censorship on Sina Weibo has already become a widely acknowledge, with a total of 150 people handling the 3 million post every single day. There have been signs of users becoming less engaged than ever om response to China’s efforts of causing as much damage to the free thinking platform.

Sina had also recently listed in a less-than-impressive IPO in New York, with shares that sold far below most people evaluations.

Wang has also acknowledged that there’s room for even more competition, pointing out that Weibo and WeChat won’t be the only two social networks to compete within the arena that is called China, as they are only meeting certain needs. He further stated that there are many other services that can be developed to target other requirements such as picture and video posts, citing Instagram as a perfect example of meetings its needs within the US.

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