Shakr Drives Its Way Into Automobile Advertisement.


Shakr Drives Its Way Into Automobile Advertisement. 

Digital Video Ads in only 20 minutes, and under $50 for such an amazing service. This is a promise made by Shakr Media, the Korean startup that dedicated to re-imagining everything to video, is ready to ignite the local auto dealer advertisements. The company, which has demonstrated a dedicated “going international” by setting up offices within San Francisco, has recently announced that it included nearly a dozen video advertising styles for auto dealers to its drag-and-drop simple video creation solution.

Auto dealers know the benefits of using video, but high production costs have limited the number of video advertisements they could make,” said David Lee, founder and CEO of Shakr Media. “Our video ads for auto dealers cost about $50, so now dealers can make high quality video ads for every car on the lot.”

Video Ad Creation.

Shakr has worked with more than 100 video styles, covering a variety of industries and interests, with an easy-to-use video creation tool. With its latest video styles, the company promises that auto deals will be able to create a professional quality video advertisement in about 20 minutes, by dragging and dropping normal pictures and video clips into Shakr video styles. Dealers will be able to preview the video advertisement before they even have to pay.

After they have crated the videos, auto deals will be able to upload them to video sharing sites, such as YouTube, embed them on their websites, email them directly to customers, or play them on their television set within their showrooms. The ads will come out in HD quality, so they can even be broadcast as television advertisements.


The auto industry has already become the third largest spend on online advertising, according tot he 2013, IAB/PwC Internet Ad Revenue Report. Even so, many independent dealers are coming late into the game of adopting online video advertising due to their heavy reliance on local Television stations to produce ads for them. To leverage digital video advertising, auto dealers need an affordable option to create high-quality videos.

Americans have watched nearly 29 billion video advertisements online during March 2014 alone, according to ComScore. At the moment, most of those ads were being run by large corporation with equally large marketing budgets. by providing an costly manner to create video ads, Shakr is giving small business a fighting chance.

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