The Service That Use Minecraft To Teach Japanese, Kotoba Miners.


The Service That Use Minecraft To Teach Japanese, Kotoba Miners.

Minecraft is very well known game around the world, with its unique building capabilities, the game has had all sorts of things created in it servers. From recreating famous known architecture from either real life or fictional works. The game has manage to bring to life all sorts of creations that everyone has every dreams about. Now what about teaching? Supposed this virtual world could be used to teach people on a variety of subjects, such as languages.


James York is an English teacher who works at a Japanese University, as well as a PhD student who is currently researching language learning through the use of of digital worlds. York went on to create a class that teaches Japanese through the use of Mincraft, with he name being Kotoba Miners. Students will join a private server and then learn the language through the use of custom-designed buildings. Each of these structures contain a variety of activities and lesson materials, following the progression of the Genki Japanese textbooks.

Students are allowed to speak and interact with one another through out most of the class, While York may not do too many lectures and occasionally there might be an assignment that ensures the players to practice their earned skills. Kotob Miners even utilizes the Minecraft survival mode to test out their players during the course of 48 hours during in-game time. Once the objective have been met, all of the mission are done through the Japanese languages, of course, players will then regroup, team up and then describe their experiences.


Learning a new language can be quite difficult for most people, so its kind of understandable to construct the experience and learning through a fun, easily approachable video game such as Minecraft. For those who are interested in learning more, they can go to the Kotoba Miners and read their detailed interview with Tofugu.

One thing that should be mention is that the classes are free. Afterwards, York will offer a couple of different ‘Very Important Persons’ (VIP) subscription options, with it costing between $20 per month or $149 for the entire course.

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