Seoul Utilizes Big Data For The Best Possible Taxi-taking Spots.


Seoul Utilizes Big Data For The Best Possible Taxi-taking Spots.

Every other big city is the same when it comes down to hailing taxi cabs, the difficulty of try it is also very similar in Seoul. Especially during some of the really crowded places such as Gangnam, Jongro, and Sinchon during the late nights past midnight, it’s literally impossible to obtain one.

Matching Making.

In order to solve this conundrum , the Seoul Metropolitan City government shall open a public big data that’s been dubbed as the “Taxi Match-making” in order to help search for the places where people can get the taxis most easily.

The “Taxi Match-making” public data analyzes the 30 billion piece of big data on places where people get the most on and off the taxi and weather information and searches for the tax-taking spots by dates, time and weather.

Once the city government has launched the taxi match-making data in the form of a dataset for the public at its open data site, Internet portals, navigation providers, or private developers can freely process the data and develop them into websites, mobile application for the daily usage for the Seoul citizens.

It it manages to materializes, taxi drivers will be able to reduce their time search for passengers as they can easily detect the place where they can take on passengers, and passengers do not need to wait for the taxi by utilizing places they can take taxis quite easily.


The Seoul city government has already successfully operated under nine lines of late-night buses from midnight till 5 AM. To select the lines, the city government analyzed over 3 billion mobile phone calls during the late night and their locations as big data and finally decided them considering the floating population of Gangnam, Hongdae, Dongdaemun Shilli, and Jongro.

Based on its successful application of Big data analysis which includes the “owl buses” it continuously introduces big data analysis in its policies such as location analysis for leisure facilities for the elderly people.

Now, the city government is planning to develop a platform to share and apply big data by dumping out 927 million won to offer useful transportation service by analyzing various big data. Aside from the taxi match-making, it will develop various transportation-related services including a scheme to reduce traffic accidents and consulting for the operation of call taxis for the handicapped.

Kim Kyeong-seo, director of the Information System Planning Bureau of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, “By developing various transportation services including taxi match-making service, we will present another possibility to settle various problems in the city through big data. By applying big data, we will provide city policies which actually meet the needs of our citizens.”

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