Seoul City Government Launches A SMS-based “Citizens’ Bulletin Board”.


Seoul City Government Launches A SMS-based “Citizens’ Bulletin Board”.

The Seoul Metropolitan City Government stated that it plans to launch off their Citizen Bulletin Board on the walls of its city hall building utilizing the electronic technology currently available and affordable. Any citizen shall be able to post a shore message onto the bulletin board through their mobile phone through the use of text messaging.

Bulletin Board.

The LED board is as large as 13 meters in length and 8 meter  in width, covered in a picture of a child holing the electronic board with a message that says, “We will listen to any sound no matter how small it is.”

The bulletin board is ran for a total of six hours a day between the hours of 7am and 10pm during the evening. The length of each message must be within 40 Korea characters or 80 English letter, with up to three messages allowed per person during an hour. Expletives, libelous message, or any kinds of slandering shall be filtered out through a computerized syste. Commercial or political message shall also be filtered out, with the caller’s number begin registered as a spamming number.

The first suggested topic for the citizens’ messages would be “What if I am a Seoul Mayor,” in which citizens can say to the reelected Mayor Park Won-soon what’s on their mind. Anyone who wants to say something to the new city government administration that will set sail on July 1 can do so by sending a text message to 010-6387-1177.

This is another fine example on how Korea is using everyday logic to continue not to only improve upon themselves, but those around them as well by keeping in contact with people and listening to their opinions on certain matters.

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