Selfie Messenger App React Expands Its Services Into Japan.


Selfie Messenger App React Expands Its Services Into Japan.

React, the US-based selfie messenger application, which is currently still under beta mode, has recently launched its offering within Japan, a country which is known for enjoying their self-portraiture and creating all sorts of fads.

Selfies have yet to deminished as many people believed the it would as a passing fad, its still going on strong. Co-founder of React, Pedro Wunderlich recently stated “Selfies aren’t new. They’ve been around ever since cameras existed. ‘Selfie’ is just a marketing term that caught fire recently. And for us, it’s easier to explain to someone that we’re a “selfie messenger” than a “chat with real-time facial expressions”.

He further elaborated the idea of a real-time facial expression-based messenger, “Nothing transmits emotion like your eyes, and your facial expression around them. That’s why expressing yourself with a selfie is so natural (albeit, awkward sometimes). The most intimate, most effective way to communicate is face-to-face. This isn’t a fad nor something people get bored with—it’s how we’re wired to communicate.”


Wunderlich first began working on React during November 2012. The application was then launched during December 2013. To date, it has gained over 200,000 beta user, and has a retention rate of 15 percent to 20 percent. Furthermore, it has seen over 70 percent of its total user base come from Indonesia, followed by Brazil and the US.

He commented, “Indonesia has been a great market for learning, but unfortunately, (it is) a very Android-dominated market.” Currently, the app is only available on iOS, even though an Android version is well under way. “So for now, our growth potential is extremely limited,” he said.

He also believes that Japan is a “perfect market” for an application like react, especially with the obsession that seems to have caught on with the youths of the nation when it comes down to selfies, emoticons and stickers.

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