Sega Promotes Their Soccer Game App Near Local Pubs.


Sega Promotes Their Soccer Game App Near Local Pubs.

Sega Network is planning to hold a collaboration even during the month of June around its mobile Soccer game by the name of ‘Saka tsuku shoot’, which will be held along side the British pub franchise The Hub, across its 66 location within the country.


Whenever a customer purchases a drink, they shall receive a card with a serial code embedded on to it, which lead towards them gaining a rare play addition for games if they’re lucky enough. Also during  June, there shall be a ‘Hub Cup’ held within the game itself, where player can also receive a rare ‘gacha cards for a chance to gain new players for use in their game.

With the World Cup about to being during the next month, from what can be assumed with this, the Hub will most likely gain aloe of customers, especially with the time differences with Brazil being a bit rough, and perhaps this is just Sega own way of reaching out towards a much broader audience. It’s a smart maneuver on their part for Sega Networks to get their games in front of some of the most enthusiastic football fans.


The sports title was released by the Sega Networks during the late previous year, reaching towards the top as the number one iOS sports application within Japan back during May, and as the fourth ranked Android sports game in Japan during this past Monday.

For those who’d like to try the game out for themselves its free to download both iOS and Android.

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